App Uninstaller Review

Is App Uninstaller the best Mac app uninstaller? The verdict: App Uninstaller is the best-in-class app uninstaller for Mac devices. Our experts have tested a list of Mac apps using App Uninstaller to uninstall them, and all the files are completely deleted in blazing fast fashion without any hassle. It beats out a lot of competitors that offer similar app removal features, and has an excellent reputation for privacy and a strong collection of features and only costs an affordable one-time fee.

Based on Texas, App Uninstaller, developed by, has been the go-to Mac app uninstaller for nearly 10 years at YooCare. Our IT professionals and support staff have been using this tool to uninstall Mc apps for our customers both on-site and remotely. App Uninstaller is affordable (one-time cost), very simple to use, powerful yet lightweight to run, and does not overwhelm you in any way, and we've been recommending it to our users over the years to maintain their Mac devices on a daily basis.

We have been using App Uninstaller to uninstall a lot of Mac apps (the list of testing apps is growing over time), which our testing team has randomly searched and downloaded from developers' portals and the official App Store. The following videos, which are recorded during our testing, show that App Uninstaller can get rid of any Mac app completely and effectively with ease.

Hands On With App Uninstaller to Uninstall Mac Apps

Video #1: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall Default Folder X

Default Folder X is a folder shortcut access tool on Mac that allows you to access the contents of your recent, favorite, and open folders to the right side of the toolbar of the default folder X. Expand the pop-up menu as you move your mouse over their levels, allowing you to browse your folders to get your files. To speed up your work, you can assign all keyboard shortcuts in your favorite folder. If the Open and Save dialog box is not open, then you can use the default folder X of the menu bar, Dock icon, or keyboard shortcuts.

Video #2: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall VideoProc Converter

VideoProc Converter is a video processing software on Mac platforms designed to cut, trim, merge, adjust, transcode, edit 4k videos with full hardware acceleration. VideoProc is a conversion app designed for the 4K UHD era, it is your must-have video toolbox that can handle the most demanding tasks from HD to 3D, UHD 4K, 5K and 8K, whether it is video files from iPhone, GoPro, Dji, Samsung, DVD disc or other sources. VideoProc handles your media files to fit various social networking sites, iPhone, iPad, TV, PS4 and other devices, flexibly edit original clips to more attractive stories, backup and rip full DVD in 5 minutes, complete the conversion at the fastest speed without losing the quality of the video.

Video #3: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall Softorino YouTube Converter

Softorino YouTube Converter allows you to watch Youtube videos offline and locally. The interface of Softorino Youtube Converter itself is very simple, the application will prompt you to copy the video link to Youtube to download, if the URL has been copied in the clipboard, the application will automatically get the URL from your clipboard and convert it into specific video information. When you get the video information, you can choose a different video clarity and whether to download the video directly to your Mac or to your iOS device. Downloading to a Mac is easy to understand that downloading to an iOS device requires you to stay connected to your iOS device with a data cable, and the app automatically converts the video to a format natively supported by iOS.

Video #4: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall Cisdem Duplicate Finder

Cisdem DuplicateFinder is a very good copy file finder where you can detect and find all copies from deep and delete them in bulk to quickly free up external/internal hard disk space. All copied photos, music, documents, videos or other format files, even if they have different names, including iTunes and iPhoto, can all be detected by DuplicateFinder, and before deletion, you can take full control of your Mac by previewing the list of identical files found.

Video #5: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall ProFind

ProFind is a practical file search software with powerful features and excellent performance that provides advanced file search for macOS. And supports natural language queries, application startup, hidden location search, scripting, etc. In addition, you can search in invisible folders and packages, and search for any disk type. ProFind is an advanced file precision search application. With powerful features and excellent performance, it provides an advanced file search tool for macOS. And supports natural language queries, application startup, hidden location search, scripting, etc. Search in invisible folders and packages. Search for any disk type. Use kernel-based search (searchfs) when available. Use metadata indexing (used by Spotlight) when available to improve performance. Auto-complete of application names. A large icon view of one or two search results. Under the elegant user interface, ProFind combines the power of macOS's different search features to make sure to find all the files you are looking for. It has been carefully tuned to improve performance and responsiveness.

Video #6: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall Squeezer

Squeezer is a versatile compression tool on Mac devices. Tired of manually compiling scripts, do you want to optimize your website images, want to speed up your website by eliminating unnecessary files? Now just drag your files into Squeezer and you're done. Squeezer has an easy-to-use, intuitive UI interface. Add or drag files/folders with just one click. Two view options are supported: mini or extended mode, and there are several customization preferences. Can optimize/compress images such as PNG, JPG, SVG format. Smart background notifications so you don't interrupt your workflow.

Video #7: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall QLab

QLab is a multimedia production tool designed for live performances, giving your Mac control over the entire performance scene. Contains theatrical, dance, combination, installation, and more stylistic features. Play MIDI and audio and video from a single workspace. QLab Pro is an audio editing and processing tool for Mac platform, users can process audio files in WAV, MP3, MP2, MPEG, OGG, AVI, g721, g723, g726, vox, ram, pcm, wma, cda and other formats. Such as clipping, copying, pasting, multi-file merging and mixing and other conventional processing, the audio waveform is "inverted", "muted", "amplified", "amplified", "weakened", "fade in", "fade", "regularized" and other conventional processing; "Reverb", "vibrato", "delay" and other special effects; Supports "slot filter", "band-pass filter", "high-pass filter", "low-pass filter", "high-frequency filter", "low-pass filter", "FFT filter" filter processing.

Video #8: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall Allavsoft Video Downloader Converter

Allavsoft Video Downloader Converter is a video downloader software running on macOS that supports conversion of any video file format and supports offline playback of downloaded videos on any mobile device. Allavsoft Video Downloader Converter is a download tool that can save videos to your drive for online hosting, giving you the possibility to record new content, integrated conversion features, and much more. Downloading video content from online resources is sometimes necessary, especially if you have a bad internet connection. It can help you with the task and also offers the possibility of converting data to a file format compatible with various devices. Download video content hosted on various online platforms: Organize their functions on multiple tabs focused on specific tasks: download, activity, conversion and merge. At the same time, through the top toolbar of the application, you can control the process or activate the screen recording tool. To start the download, simply copy the link to the video of the drive you want to save to the clipboard, just switch to the app and Allavsoft populates the corresponding fields. As soon as you select the output quality and location, press the download button and Allavsoft will switch to the "Activity" tab and allow you to monitor the progress. You can view the details of each entry, or just preview the recording. Convert downloaded content to formats compatible with various devices Any video downloaded through Allavsoft can be sent to the "Convert" panel, where you can specify the output format as well as the conversion quality. For your convenience, Allavsoft comes with predefined conversion profiles that can help you make video files compatible with your Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox, or Zune device. You can also use the file format that is commonly used when working with video or audio content, which means that you should be able to produce content that is compatible with most devices. Video download solution that supports browsers: gives you the option to download videos from various sources like YouTube, Facebook, DailyMotion, eHow, Yahoo, and more. The app also integrates video and audio conversion profiles. The merge function is integrated, but in this case it seems that it can only be used for F4F files. Note that there are included extensions for Firefox and Google Chrome, as well as a password manager for video websites.

Video #9: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall RAW Power

RAW Power makes your good photos even better! RAW Power unlocks Apple's RAW engine, making it easier for you to edit and manipulate photos, not only as an extension of Apple Photos, but also as a separate RAW editing tool. RAW Power makes it easier for you to edit and manipulate photos, not only as an extension of Apple Photos, but also as a RAW editing tool alone. RAW Power as a graphics photo editing software developed based on macOS system, in raw power users can edit raw format image files, the operation experience is quite excellent, of which raw power also supports a series of model drawing and other functions.

Video #10: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall Soulver

Soulver is a multi-function calculator on Mac, compared to the system comes with the calculator, Soulver has more powerful features, it lets you enter the calculated numbers and operators, and then help you calculate the results, more in line with people's computing habits. Soulver can help you calculate quickly and get the results at your fingertips, use Soulver for easy calculation methods, play with numbers, and solve everyday problems easily. Count paragraphs and numbers with text annotation to make everything easy to understand at a glance. In multi-row calculation formulas, you can refer to the data as flexibly as a trial table, and the sum calculation and percentage calculation are only a piece of cake for Soulver. Not only that, but unit conversions such as currencies are also Soulver's masterpiece, outperforming the test table in efficiency and far smarter than traditional calculators.

The verdict: App Uninstaller is the must-have app uninstaller for your Mac. It is an effective and lightweight tool built for everyone to use. You can purchase now and use it forever with the exclusive lifetime deal.