Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal Service for PC/Mac/Mobile Devices

Viruses and other malware are becoming prevalent nowadays and are highly engineered to prevent major anti-virus software to detect and remove them in time. Virus, Spyware & Malware removal is a complex task, and any mistakes like editing Windows Registry may damage your system and pose a greater risk to lose your data. Most of YooCare experts have more than 8 years' experience in the field of computer/Mac/mobile device security. We specialize in virus, spyware and other malware removal. We can help you clean out all threats completely and safely via TeamViewer. It is a faster and safer way to get your issues fixed. Through your high-speed internet connection, YooCare experts can help you immediately and fix the issues thoroughly.

  1. We can help you remove all threats and also teach you prevent malware from infecting your system, accessing your personal information like credit card/PayPal info, e-mail ID and password, and other private information. YooCare's tech experts can help you in every way possible to safeguard your computer/Mac/mobile device.
  2. Just give us the permission so that we can remotely access your computer/Mac/mobile device via Internet and our YooCare certified technicians can perform a quick diagnosis to detect and remove spyware hidden in your system files and registry entries permanently. At the same time, you can watch all the steps during the help session via the encrypted remote window.

YooCare 10-Steps Professional Virus, Spyware/Malware Removal Service

  1. 1. Promptly answer your questions about your computer/Mac/mobile device's unusual behaviors and infection symptoms via online chat or TeamViewer.
  2. 2. Our expert will remote securely in your computer/Mac/mobile device over Internet via TeamViewer.
  3. 3. Diagnostic and troubleshoot the causes of virus/spyware infections.
  4. 4. Identify and completely remove any known viruses, spyware and other malware on your computer/Mac/mobile device.
  5. 5. Manage and update Windows system to the latest version (install patches if available).
  6. 6. Install trusted security software if not available and update to the latest definitions.
  7. 7. Perform a complete scan and remove all the associated files of the virus detected.
  8. 8. Offer proactive recommendations to protect your system against future infections.
  9. 9. Check up or uninstall clutter programs if necessary, fix registry, and clean up junks.
  10. 10. Teach you how to protect your computer/Mac/mobile device in a safer and more efficient way on a daily use.


YooCare 360° has made YooCare the world's leading specialist in the online tech support industry.




"Worth every cent! I am only 16 and when I found my laptop had been locked by a virus which no scanners could find, I truly thought I would be paying my final respects to this machine. However Leo has spent HOURS with me trying again and again to resolve my issue, which he has done and more besides! Great company! Great people! Great service! I will be sure to recommend you to all of my contacts :)! Many thanks, John." - John Baggs
"Thank you very much for removing this FBI virus thing from my beloved Samsung Galaxy phone. I have no idea how my phone got infected. However, your guys are not only removing it completely but also teach me how to avoid it in the first place! Your help is professional and highly recommended." Harold Johnson - Norwalk, US Read more customers' testimonials

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